Spotify++ | Spotify Plus

Spotify is a huge service, sporting over 30 million tracks and more than 140 million active users. Some of those users stick with the free version of the app, not prepared to pay $9.99 every month to get the premium features. That means having to put up with irritating read more

FtOS Android

Both the Android and the iOS app stores are jam-packed with apps, from basic utility and games, right up to the more comprehensive apps. However, neither offers everything that we could possibly want; for the iOS users, there’s jailbreaking but android users don’t read more

FtOS iPad

At one time, jailbreaks were so common that, every time Apple issued an update, we had a working utility almost straightaway. Since iOS 10, that has all changed. We have seen just one jailbreak for iOS 10, the very limited Yalu which wouldn’t work on the iPad, read more