If watching movies and TV shows are one of your favorite things to do on your iOS device, then you need to look at MovieBox.  It is one of the latest apps to offer free access to all the latest Movies and TV Shows without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first. It is full of features, including a dedicated HD Only section and, if you only have a small amount of storage space on your device, you’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to download any content if you don’t want to; instead you can simply stream it.

Image : MovieBox Download Tutorial

How to Download MovieBox :

Although you don’t need to install Cydia to use MovieBox, you can’t just download it via the app store. First, you need to install an unofficial app store called FtOS and we’re going to show you how:

  1. Download FtOS on your iOS device [ext link] 
  2. Once installed, open the app and tap on the search bar
  3. Type in MovieBox and wait 
  4. When the search results come up, tap on the one that relates to your iOS version
  5. Tap Download > Install and wait for MovieBox to be installed on your device
  6. Now you can open it and begin streaming your favorite shows and movies 

Fix MovieBox Errors :

New users to MovieBox will most likely face an error that will prevent it from working. Because MovieBox is a World of Enterprise profile, Apple doesn’t recognize it; fixing that is simple:

  1. Launch Settings > General > Profiles and look for the app certificate 
  2. Tap on it and then tap Trust
  3. Close Settings and MovieBox will now work

One other error that all users will experience is MovieBox crashing. This is because after a few days Apple will revoke the certificate.  That is also very easy to fix; all you need to do is install NessTool VPN tool. This will protect the MovieBox certificate, so Apple can’t revoke it and you can carry on watching your favorite shows without interruption. Find out how to download NessTool [ext link] by clicking the link.

MovieBox is excellent for streaming movies and shows and because it doesn’t need a jailbreak, many more people can take advantage of it. It is a must-have app for all movie lovers and, with the hardware at our disposal now, streaming movies has never been easier.

Download MovieBox today, try it out and tell us how you get on with it. For more of the latest news and updates follow us on Facebook.

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