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When jailbreaking first began, iRec was one of the original screen recorder apps but the developers didn’t keep it up to date. As the iOS firmware moved on, iRec fell badly behind and people stopped using it. It’s back; the developers have given iRec a much-needed facelift, given it support for all iOS versions, more features and it no longer requires a jailbreak to work. When you use iRec, you get the chance to record your screen in 1080p at up 60fps, take advantage of auto compression so you can get more videos on your device and tweak the app with lots of extra in-app settings. We’re going to show you how to download iRec on your iOS device.

Image : iRec Screen Recorder Download Tutorial

How to Download iRec :

iRec may not be found in any official app store but you can still get it easily enough. Just download FtOS first and then you can get iRec:

  1. Download FtOS on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Launch the installer on your device and search for iRec [ext link] using the search facility 
  3. Pick the iRec version that matches the iOS version on your device 
  4. Follow the instructions to download on the screen
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and then you can begin using iRec 

iRec Alternatives :

iRec is a great screen recorder, packed with useful features but it wont suit all users. We do have alternatives though and these are just two of them:

  • AirShou

iRec may have been popular but, when it disappeared, AirShou was the screen recorder everyone turned to. At least, they did until it too was removed from Cydia. The developers have been hard at work though and have re-released AirShou as a brand-new app. It doesn’t need a jailbreak, it is fully optimized for iOS 9 or higher, although support is there for earlier iOS versions and it is one of the simplest screen recorder apps to use. With on-screen controls, you can record your screen in Full HD and add stereo sound recording to it as well. With lots more to tempt you, check out the linked guide on how to download AirShou [ext link].

  • CoolPixel

CoolPixel is right up there with the most downloaded screen recorder apps simply because it offers something very different to all the others. As well as recording your screen in 1080p, you also get a decent selection of video editing tools built right into the app. Swiping your finger across the screen lets you add subtitles to your video or dubbing, while choosing from several different rich filters will make your video look like a movie. Edit the screen recording you save as HD videos, import your own or use the built-in search facility to find more from BGM Online. Find out what else CoolPixel [ext link] offers by clicking on the link.

Screen recorder apps have always been popular, in and out of Cydia and iRec is undoubtedly up there with the best. The fact that it no longer needs a jailbreak and has so many extra features is a real bonus so download it and let us know how you get on using it. You can stay up to date with all the latest news by following us on Facebook.

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