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Up until last year, jailbreaks were common, released for just about every iOS version going. For a long time, Apple threatened to end the cat and mouse game between them and the jailbreakers and, with iOS 10 they almost succeeded. Very few jailbreaks were released for the last iOS, only really Yalu Jailbreak [ext link] and only a few users could make use of that one. Most of us have been left without access to Cydia [ext link] for some time now and there is no guarantee that this situation will change with iOS 11 download [ext link].

Image : FtOS iOS 11 Download Tutorial

Thankfully, we now have a third-party app store to call on and it goes by the name of FtOS. The store is packed with useful content, including many tweaked and modified apps, premium content for free and so much more besides. It is fully compatible with any device that runs iOS 11 and here’s how to install it:

How to Install FtOS on iOS 11 :

You can choose from one of these two methods:

Method 1: Safari

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your device 
  2. In the address bar type in ftosdownload.com and tap Go 
  3. Wait for the page to load and then tap the UP arrow , top or bottom of the screen 
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen form the options on the bottom of the screen
  5. Now you need to name your app icon so call it FtOS and tap on Add
  6. When you come out of Safari, you will see the new FtOS app on your home screen . 

Video:  Tap to watch these steps being done

Method 2: Configuration Profile

  1. Launch Safari and go to this link [ File ]
  2. On the information page for FtOS, tap on the link that says Install Directly to iOS Device
  3. Now your Settings app will open; tap on Install Profile and then type your passcode in
  4. Now Safari opens automatically so tap on the link for Install FtOS
  5. Tap on Install again and then your settings app will open once again
  6. Tap on Install > Next > Install
  7. Lastly, tap on Done and FtOS will be installed to your device

FtOS is a decent alternative to Cydia for the time being, probably the best option we have while we wait for news of an iOS 11 jailbreak. You don’t have anything to lose by downloading it so give it a go and tell us what you think of it.

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  1. Tried to sign in app just bounced me around finally installed then said I had to register I then did that then told me I had to upgrade to 7 did That then told me I had to install version 8 to continue I did that registered with Facebook account failed then registered with Google attempted sign in then told me my device was not the same device I registered with please register device. Attempted that and message continued to say device not registered, incorrect user name or password. I gave up after 40 minutes just trying to sign in 🙁

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