For many years, we have Cydia, we have had a way to customize our devices, make them more functional and add features that we couldn’t get anywhere else. One of those features was games emulators, providing us with a way to play console games on our iOS devices. With read more

Snapchat++ | Snapchat Plus

Snapchat is an incredibly popular messaging app, one that is used by over 150 million people every day. Even though it is kept updated with new features, there are some that are still missing, basic features that every user needs and that is why Snapchat++ read more

WhatsApp++ | WhatsApp Plus

If you use messaging apps on a daily basis then no doubt you have tried WhatsApp and maybe still use it. In use by more than a billion people daily, WhatsApp is definitely one of the more popular social media apps and it has got a lot of great features. What’s missing read more