FtOS iOS 11

Up until last year, jailbreaks were common, released for just about every iOS version going. For a long time, Apple threatened to end the cat and mouse game between them and the jailbreakers and, with iOS 10 they almost succeeded. Very few jailbreaks were released for read more

FtOS iOS 10

Jailbreaking used to be something we took for granted but, when iOS 10 was released, it all came to a crashing halt. At least, it almost did. There were so few jailbreaks to be had that very few people could get their hands on them. The only real jailbreak we had was read more

Download FtOS

FtOS is the latest in a long line of recent app installers, all designed to give us some of what we used to get from Cydia. Without a doubt, FtOS contains more content than any of the others, offering plenty of read more