The iOS app store is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive in the world but it isn’t perfect and, with all the restrictions that Apple places on the iOS, it’s no wonder that some users look to jailbreaking to get what they want. Android users don’t have the option of installing a jailbreak and, while their operating system is more open than iOS there are still things they can’t get. Luckily, FtOS, an app installer released for iOS devices, has now been made available for Android devices.

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What is FtOS ?

FtOS is one of the latest third-party app installers to be released, originally for iOS users to plug the gap while we wait for the jailbreak scene to pick up and now it has been made open to Android users as well. It is full of tweaks, paid apps for free, and a whole host of apps and games modified to bring us all the in-app and Premium Features for free. It is a very easy app to use, with everything put into categories, like :

  • Modified apps that contain premium features for free
  • iPhone Utilities  
  • Games modified with in-app purchases for free
  • Duplicated Apps
  • Premium app store content for free
  • Older app versions

This is a comprehensive app installer, with plenty of choice for all types of user. For details on how to download FtOS APK today, keep reading.

How to Download FtOS APK :

For those that don’t know, the APK file is the application package file, software that is required for the app to work on your device. This is the only way that you can get FtOS on your Android tablet or smartphone so run through the following tutorial, step by step, to ensure success.

  1. Open Settings on your Android device and tap on Security 
  2. Now find the Unknown Source option and tick the box next to it , failure to do this will mean FtOS cannot be installed 
  3. Once you have done that, download the FtOS APK [ File ]onto your computer and then extract the files
  4. Email the FtOS .apk file to yourself
  5. Open email on your Android device and download the file
  6. Find it in your downloads folder, tap on it and wait for FtOS to be installed 
  7. When the installation is complete, open it and choose which modified games you want to play. 

How to Stop FtOS Crashing

All users will run into one sticky issue with FtOS but is an incredibly easy one to fix. Because of the nature of the app, it will not be found in any app store and this means that the certificate that allows it to run is not signed by the official app store providers. Because of this, within a week of you installing FtOS on your Android device, it will crash, and you must reinstall, along with any app or game that you downloaded from it. This will happen regularly because the app certificate will be revoked so, no matter how many times you reinstall it, it will just crash again. To put a stop to this, all you need to do is install Anti Revoke [ext link]. This is a small tool that provides a VPN service that will block the certificate from being revoked, making it one of the must-have tools when you download FtOS. Check out the link for more details on Anti Revoke and how to download it.

FtOS is just one of many app installers that are designed to work on Android devices with others such as TutuApp, AppValley, and Emus4U also available. All of them provide us with lots of extra features and functionality, as well as giving Android users a small taste of what iOS users get to enjoy.

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