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Both the Android and the iOS app stores are jam-packed with apps, from basic utility and games, right up to the more comprehensive apps. However, neither offers everything that we could possibly want; for the iOS users, there’s jailbreaking but android users don’t have that choice. With jailbreaking not doing so well just recently, an app installer by the name of FtOS has been released and that also works on Android devices.

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What is FtOS ?

FtOS is an independent app store, packed with modified apps and games, some Cydia tweaks and lots of paid apps for free, and that’s just for starters. We are seeing more and more of these independent apps now, with jailbreaking on a bit of a downer, and most are designed to offer a range of content that we could once have got from Cydia [ext link]. FtOS is a user-friendly app, with all the content put into categories so you can find what you want, and it has been given support for Android too. The categories you will find are :

  • Paid and premium apps for free
  • Modified apps with lots more features
  • iPhone Utility apps  
  • Duplicate apps
  • Older app versions
  • Modified games with premium features

There is something for everyone in FtOS, including some jailbreak-only content so read on to find out how to download it on your Android device.

How to Download FtOS Android :

You won’t be able to get FtOS from the Android app store; not only is it primarily for iOS, the developers have opted not to submit it for inclusion in any app store. To download it on your Android device, you will need to download the Android Application Package File [ APK ] and you will need to follow the steps below very carefully otherwise we cannot guarantee success.

  1. Go to Settings > Security on your Android device 
  2. Tick the box next to Unknown Source , this is what will enable FtOS to be installed on your device 
  3. On your PC or Mac, download the FtOS APK ,  it will download in zipped format
  4. Extract the files and then send the FtOS .apk file to yourself through email
  5. On your Android device, open the email and download the file
  6. Locate it in your downloads and tap on it to install it
  7. Wait while FtOS is installed on your Android device
  8. Enjoy all the modified games you want with all the extra features included

How to Fix FtOS Crashing Problem :

FtOS is one of the better app installers but it isn’t without its problems. The one issue that all users will face is that FtOS will crash regularly. When it does, it will take with it anything you installed through it, leaving you having to start all over again. This will continue to happen and the reason behind is that it is not classed as a valid app because it doesn’t come from an app store and the app certificate is not officially signed. It doesn’t matter how many times you reinstall FtOS, it will just crash again but you can put a stop to it. Simply download Anti Revoke [ext link] on to your device; a VPN configuration is installed, and your app certificates are protected from being revoked. For more details on Anti Revoke and how to download out, click on the linked article.

FtOS cannot be dismissed as it offers so much content that you just can’t get anywhere else. Not only does it give you so much more than the Google Play Store offers, it also gives the Android user something of what iOS users have been able to enjoy for so long. It isn’t the only one though; lots of the recent installers have been given support for Android, including AppValley, vShare and Emus4U [ext ;ink] so if FtOS doesn’t suit, you can try one of those.

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