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While the iOS app store is jam-packed with content, it doesn’t have everything we could possibly want. There are some truly great iOS apps but, because Apple is somewhat restrictive in what they allow in, many iOS users turn to jailbreaking to get what they want. Until now, jailbreaking was the only way to hacked games and apps or decent screen recorder apps but now, that’s all about to change with the release of FtOS.

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What is FtOS ?

FtOS is a third-party app store and it is full of all kinds of hacked games, hacked apps, tweaks, premium content for free, and so much more , too much to mention! Third-party app installers are becoming increasingly popular with the lack of jailbreaks in evidence right now and most of them offer something for us to use. FtOS is one of the most comprehensive and is laid out in a user-friendly way. Opening the app after installation, you will find everything has been sorted into categories, as such:

  • iPhone utility apps
  • App modifications for more features
  • Paid content for free
  • Older versions apps
  • Duplicated apps
  • Games content for free

That just about covers everything, every type of content you could possibly want to download, including some tweaks that you could only find in Cydia [ext link].

Jailbreak Status :

Right now, jailbreaks are becoming rare and those that are released only for certain devices and this leaves many people without the means to access Cydia or download their favorite content. We can only hope that this situation will change soon but, with Apple stepping up the war against jailbreaking and with the sheer number of security updates they continue to push out, we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

That’s why third-party app stores are being released on a regular basis and the likes of FtOS are here to provide us with more and more of what we used to rely on Cydia for. While we shouldn’t write Cydia off, we should welcome FtOS as the best alternative we have for now.

How to Download FtOS :

Downloading FtOS isn’t quite as simple as heading to the iOS app store but it isn’t difficult to do. To help you, we have drawn up a guide on how to do it and you can find full details below:

Will you be downloading FtOS ? If you do, tell us what you use it for and how you get on with it. Follow us on Facebook for more of the latest updates.

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