FtOS iOS 11

Up until last year, jailbreaks were common, released for just about every iOS version going. For a long time, Apple threatened to end the cat and mouse game between them and the jailbreakers and, with iOS 10 they almost succeeded. Very few jailbreaks were released for read more

FtOS iOS 10

Jailbreaking used to be something we took for granted but, when iOS 10 was released, it all came to a crashing halt. At least, it almost did. There were so few jailbreaks to be had that very few people could get their hands on them. The only real jailbreak we had was read more

Download FtOS

FtOS is the latest in a long line of recent app installers, all designed to give us some of what we used to get from Cydia. Without a doubt, FtOS contains more content than any of the others, offering plenty of read more

Snapchat++ | Snapchat Plus

Snapchat is an incredibly popular messaging app, one that is used by over 150 million people every day. Even though it is kept updated with new features, there are some that are still missing, basic features that every user needs and that is why Snapchat++ read more

WhatsApp++ | WhatsApp Plus

If you use messaging apps on a daily basis then no doubt you have tried WhatsApp and maybe still use it. In use by more than a billion people daily, WhatsApp is definitely one of the more popular social media apps and it has got a lot of great features. What’s missing read more

Spotify++ | Spotify Plus

Spotify is a huge service, sporting over 30 million tracks and more than 140 million active users. Some of those users stick with the free version of the app, not prepared to pay $9.99 every month to get the premium features. That means having to put up with irritating read more

FtOS Android

Both the Android and the iOS app stores are jam-packed with apps, from basic utility and games, right up to the more comprehensive apps. However, neither offers everything that we could possibly want; for the iOS users, there’s jailbreaking but android users don’t read more